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Netty Enterprises

Established A.D. 1996  •  (732) 778-0572

Advertising Concepts and Innovations

Aaah...a simple, basic web page. No bells and whistles. No hype, no frantic clicking to block intrusive and unwanted pop-ups!

A family owned and operated specialty advertising and promotional company located in Aberdeen NJ, our goal is to help your business or organization to target the market or audience you want to reach, with panache and precision.

That audience, being human, is prone to quickly forget the wittiest text or the most dynamic images when it comes via a printed page or a small glowing screen.

Add to the power of your overall advertising strategy by imprinting your logo and contact information on an innovative and useful device. Or put your promotional message on a tried and true standby: a writing instrument, a totebag, a T-shirt and baseball cap. Give them something to have and to hold. Do this, and you have wisely employed…

The Medium That Remains to Be Seen

You have erected a "guerrilla marketing billboard" where those you want to see it live, work, and play.

Let us help you find just the right specialty advertising vehicle for you.

Copy Ideas

Promotional products have a better return on investment than TV, radio, magazines, newspapers and the Internet - with an average cost of just $0.004 per impression!