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Following are (copyrighted) examples of text used in actual ad specialty programs or presentations.

The ad specialty medium was a wall calendar that featured World War I military airplanes. The advertiser's copy read:

SOAR above the competitive dog fight!
     SCORE a direct hit on your targeted market!
          CONTACT [Advertisers logo and telephone here]

In asking newcomers to its services to leave a record of their visit, a house of worship gave them pens imprinted with this ad copy:

It is NOT written! Unless you have something to write with...
Use this pen with our compliments
[Church name and contact information here]

Conveniently mailed flat then snapped together by the recipient, five sides of a cubical coin bank read as follows:

Your promotions will take shape when you call (advertiser's company)
Blockbuster business incentives (rep's name)
Put it all together! Leave the squares behind! For good, solid promotions call (phone)
(company name) helps build your image
Tired of two-dimensional advertising? Call (phone number)

The top, slotted panel of the cube read:

Deposit coins

withdraw ad specialty concepts
(Company name, phone)

A financial institution with the word "ocean" as part of its name was presented with an idea, hand held fans with this big, bold imprint:

"There's a fresh breeze blowing from the Ocean"
[Firm name and contact information added]

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