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Netty Enterprises

Established A.D. 1996  •  (732) 778-0572

Web Design

Our focus is helping "newbies" to get started using the Internet to publicize, promote, or sell in a very affordable way. We realize that do-it-yourself web launch opportunities are out there. What we offer is an escape from the one size fits all template approach, and attention to the specific details, look, and feel you want for your site.

$600.00 (payable quarterly) gets you all this for your first YEAR on line:

Creative input on your site's content, and guidance on finding and using other resources suitable to your site is also available. Here are a few of our basic sites, our fledgling portfolio…

Fairfield Church Locktown Church Owner's Pastoral Teaching Page Faithful Maintenance Company
Still under construction, December A.D. 2011
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